Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sweet Home, Salzburg, Austria.....

Well...we made it....every trip there are always interesting 'firsts'...as in our luggage (all 4 bags) were the first down to the baggage claim and we were the first to get in the car rental line. I can even report that our drive to Salzburg was no problem (of course we did arrive early Sunday morning...little traffic). So far, so good.

Sunday afternoon we enjoyed (yes, ENJOYED) a wonderful storm...perfectly set against the Untersberg mountain. It so reminded me of the storms my sisters and I would stay up late at night to watch from the balcony at Pension J├Ągerbauer, in Glannegg. We stayed there for 9 summers...what a joy!!

More later, as I only have time to say I'm here...and ready for a great group (they arrive tomorrow!

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Susan said...

Steve has never really understood why I love storms...but flashing lightening on the Untersberg and the rumble of thunder down the Salzach River valley explain it all! Wish I had been there again!