Tuesday, July 22, 2008

FIRST DAY OF CLASSES (Monday the 14th)

Officially this is the program's "First Day of Classes" but really, everyone has been learning so much already....it's just the first day of classes in the school building! I was able to go around and take some photos of the classes...well, not all of the classes....Dr. D.'s usually out on a field trip "My classroom is out there." (on this day she took her students to the village of Hallein and the Celtic Museum there), Dr. Buland meets his students in the city (be it in his office at the Mozarteum, in a cafe, in the Mozart's Birth House or the best sheet music shop in Salzburg), and Herr Strobl meets in his home (which is perfect inside and out and probably the best classroom anyone could ever dream of).

For me, it is a busy day, when the Faculty gets situated into their rooms, I make sure they have what they need (slide projector for Bill, CD player for Nancy & Gail, piano for Stephanie, etc.), and start writing the first of approximately 10 copies of CSA's The Untersberger newsletters. I try and make them most of all informative (their purpose it to keep everyone aware of the program's schedule, announcements, changes, trip departure times, etc.) and also a bit fun.

I remember back in the 70's when we didn't have a newsletter (and by 'we' I mean 'CSA' , my parents and their trusty Staff, who were running the program back then....I was just a little girl and I am quite sure I never did much to help run the program back then, short of maybe keeping the Staff smiling while I ran around in my little dirndls and played with my baby doll). With just one sad little typewriter (usually being used by Frau Foote or my Mother) in pre White-Out days, it would not have even been possible to write a newsletter and make copies for distribution in time and it would have been much too expensive...back then we paid for each individual photocopy!! Anyway..back then we had "CSA Announcements' and our Staff would get up in front of the group (usually during meal time...as all meals were included in a cafeteria-type setting) and literally announce whatever was needed to be known at that particular time. More often than not, the CSA Announcements were called out by George or Herr Nier, who was 6 foot 8 inches tall and had a super loud voice. I can remember one of my first jobs (well, second, maybe to folding and stamping) was to run around and tell everyone (the groups back then, when the Dollar was amazingly good, had between 80 and 100 participants) that it was "time for announcements"! George was also the voice of "CSA Mail Call" and would call out any one's name who received letters from back home. Again, this was in the 60's and 70's...pre e-mail and the Internet...back then our program was 8 weeks long, and calling home cost a fortune...so the participants anxiously awaited news from back home. I can also remember the entire group would clap when a student that had yet to receive a letter finally would...and I remember the joy in their eyes ("Finally word from home!"). I even remember that to mail a letter back to the States was expensive, so everyone bought very thin 'Luftpost" or "Airmail" paper to write their letters on...the lighter and thinner the paper, the less the weight and subsequently the cost to mail the letter. Then the post office came out with Aerograms....they went for a certain set rate of postage and had several pages which folded into each other and then became an envelope...you could lick the sides (horrible paste taste....giving me Seinfeld flashbacks!) and send...the object with those was of course to write as tiny as possible so you tell your entire week's worth of info into the set size. We would always marvel over the students that could write the smallest! Ahh...but I digress...CSA is full of history and stories of summers past (45 years!!!)....but now, where was I? Yes, The Untersberger...

So Monday, first day of classes, I wrote the daily newsletter...and informed the group of the most important change...our evening trip to Hellbrunn would be post-poned in order to have the opportunity to attend the always fantastic Mozarteum Summer Academy Opening Concert. Doing this was a good decision because most of our group went to the concert and they absolutely loved it....plus....IT WAS FREE!!! Now, the great rate did come with a price...there our several speeches prior to the concert and this makes it a rather long performance....so when the concert ended the group had to run, run, run, to the bus stop and thankfully were able to catch the last bus back to Grödig! Worth the trip, and the adventure! Heard some of them went to a cafe prior to the concert (true Austrian-style).

Just another day under the Untersberg......

PS. LuLu update...she is healing well! My Mother reported that her staples will be removed on the 22nd and she thinks I may not even see a scar by the time I get home! LuLu is eating well and being a good little dog! No new phots have been sent to me of her...but here is one of her pre-broken leg (our picinic on Mother's Day, 2008)...such a sweetie.

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