Friday, June 27, 2008

Salzburg....1 week and counting......

So, here I have finally started my blog! I did try before (sort of - I admit I probably only put all of 6 hours into my - but really never got that much into keeping up with it. The idea with creating my myspace was to have it be all about CSA TOURS and our European Summer Study Abroad Program. ..and it is, but it does not go into as much as I had hoped and planned for try again. This time with a full fledged official BLOG! Obviously I don't have the time right now to really tweak it...that will be my Fall-time focus! But I did want to get it started before I depart, and now I have.

So, here I am in the CSA office, sitting at my desk, still working on various lists and things for the 2008 program (note photo of my office assistants, LuLu - always at hand to give me a kiss of encouragement...and Fish - fishing around -that's what fish do- for hiding places under the river stones). I will be departing for Salzburg next week (the 5th) and of course can't wait. I'll be going over a bit early to set things up (the group departs from Boston and JFK on the 8th). Yes, it is true, CSA's 45th summer in Salzburg! What a truly amazing thing. I am so proud to be continuing the dream!

This summer we have another program legacy on the program! Janice Ferrazzoli went with us back in (I think) 1968, and then in 2002, her son Alex went with us....then in 2004 he returned with his girlfriend Katie. Now Alex's little brother, David is going with us! That is so fantastic! Generations of people experiencing Salzburg with CSA! We have a really good group this year - I know, I say that every year! I am so looking forward to meeting everyone face to face and introducing them to.... anything and everything I can!

If you are wondering what CSA is, it's The Cultural Studies Academy! So click on and check it out, and for the entire history - click here - and note the photo at the top of that page - those two young ones on the right (3rd and 2nd) are CSA's Founders, my parents Henry and Linda Lenz - back in 1963 on CSA's first year. Times sure have changed - note how well dressed the group was! Nowadays - well, the students will be in sweats and t-shirts! Here they are in 2006 (right outside our school) least everyone is comfortable, as we always say, "You are here to see Salzburg, Salzburg is not here to see you!" And yes, that is the REAL VIEW I have when I look out of my CSA office window over there (it's a big mountain, and someone's got to keep an eye on it!)

That's all for now. I'll try to post updates of the going-ons throughout the program (the month of July). I hope it makes for a fun read for all! Welcome!