Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Time is certainly flying by..today was the Berchtesgaden Day Trip. Almost everyone in the group went. First we had classes in the school from 8AM to 11AM, and the trip departed at 11:30AM from the school. The group went straight to our lunch stop and enjoyed a hearty meal before continuing ion nto Germany. First stop, the Dokumentation Museum, which is a very interesting place. Everyone was able to get the Audio-guides - which I love, because with them one can walk around and listen to information about what is seen, with full explanations. Audio-guides are very popular now in many museums throughout Germany and Austria (I see them available -even in small museums- more and more each year)...I like them because although you don't have a person in front of you (which is less personal) you do hear everything, can hear it well, loud enough, and clearly (some guides are difficult to hear/understand and have heavy accents that sometimes make it impossible to get all the information).

After they toured the museum the group went over (across a large parking lot, basically) to the private Kehlsteinhaus buses. This is the tour to Hitler's famous Eagle's Nest retreat. The tour includes transport on special buses that go way up the mountains (on a very narrow road...the drive up and down is quite an experience) to the elevator that takes you into the actual nest! The group enjoyed the tour (very interesting, and certainly quite an amazing if not rather unbelievable place that was built way up in and on a mountain top!) After the tour they had some time to climb around and to the summit and thankfully the weather held enough for them to get some good photos. Being up there, in the mountains, was, well, a perfect day for all!

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