Sunday, July 27, 2008


Well, after such a perfect day, we hated to leave Venice, but we knew the time would come. Breakfast was served from 7am to 10am and I think everyone went down to eat at 9:55AM!! No...just kidding, we had a group attend church that morning in St. Mark's - which is really the best way to see the Cathedral (and also see an Italian incredible - and NO WAITING IN LINE TO GET IN). I enjoyed some moments to myself just watching the morning begin, the city wake up..the boats go about their daily routes, the workers set up their various stands....

I just love the city of Venice in the morning.

Our plan was to turn our room keys in and have all luggage down by 11am...then meet in the lobby at 12:30pm to head back to the train station (the hotel was happy to store our bags for the hour and a half time)! What a fantastic group - plan met and done...we were on our way to the bus (boat) at 12:30pm on the dot! So off the the boat we went...and was just mid-day and it was already unbearably HOT!!! Thankfully some of us could catch an occasional breeze on the boat ride...which is always so sad, as we go up the Grand Canal back to the train last look at our beautiful Venice!!!

Once we arrived at the train station, we did the usual "pile up the bags, I'll watch 'em" while everyone went out to buy their lunches (so much to choose from...all the delicious little time!). I wrote a few post cards (have to get them done and mailed while still in Italy!) and held down the watch...then the train came and as the students arrived back at our meeting point, we loaded up on the train, found our seats and settled in...wasn't long before most of them were asleep (some of them even before the train pulled out of the station!!)

Well...the train ride back is always LONG...but we had no idea.....

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