Monday, July 14, 2008


Rise and shine. This morning, bright and early the group departed for our first day MUNICH. I woke up earlier than usual, got ready and went to the school. I was the first one there (of course) and shortly thereafter the guide for the day, Christiana arrived. She is Austrian, and her specialties are Art and History...she is kind and polite but has a bubbly quality about her that I really like, especially for the students, she makes it fun. I love that the participants get opportunities to know our guides, Austrians, on a personal and informal level...that's what CSA is all about, true cultural experiences! Christiana would be with them for this trip and three more.

So after the count off (everyone was there and ready to go)...I said my farewells and the group, settled in the bus, with Reinhard in the driver's seat, drove away! That's right, I had to stay behind and work, so much to do....but they are in good hands, Bill and Nancy, Gail and Dr. D (members of our Faculty and some of 'the repeaters') were all along....Stephanie too... I could see her walking the aisle doing her morning hellos as the bus drove away from the school.

Thankfully the weather improved and before I knew was HOT outside. I had so much to accomplish on this Friday, a work day, and I was going to work.

Meanwhile the group would made the 2 hour drive to the city of Munich in Germany. Christiana showed them the museums and the university areas by bus via drive by and then had Reinhard take them into the city center or 'Zentrum'. She had them get out at the Opera house and then did her walking tour...including the State houses, the Old City Market area (which I love), going into several churches including the impressive Frauenkirche (last year when I was there the organist was practicing and it was wonderful), did a walk through the Hofbrauhaus (last year Stephanie sat right down on one of the musician's knees!), and then continued on to Marienplatz and had the group see the famous Glockenspiel by the Rathaus, which was the tour's ending spot. Then they divided into their various class groups...Dr. D. took her students to the Deutschesmuseum - first for lunch and then into the various parts of it that pertained to her History course (to do it all would take days!), Bill took his students to elaborate on the Architecture and Nancy? Well, her students are from the Academy of Holy Angels and had a special invitation to their Mother House! What a treat! Tea with the Sisters. The others spread out and did their own thing (Stephanie hit the shoe and purse shops). Then at 5:30PM they met back at the Rathauskeller for enjoy a special traditional Bavarian meal of sausages, mashed potatoes, kraut, rolls, and dessert! After a day like that the 2 hour drive back was spent with an hour of talk ('What did you buy?' 'I found this at..' 'I got the same one in blue...' 'We saw this...' etc.) and an hour of SLEEP! Back to Grödig by 9-ish pm!

That evening I discovered that the day went according to plan....everyone loved Munich! BFFL were made (Dad, that stands for Best Friends For Life!). Though always crowded and often hectic, Munich is a wonderful city, especially for a day trip. Amazing murals made with pastel chalks by street side artists can be seen, bells of every kind from bicycles to churches to vendors can be heard, smells of boiling sausages and grilled chicken linger in the large pedestrian walkways, every type of person can been seen - from countless lands and of countless colors from the very young to the very old, it is an awesome city with awesome people....but the group was ready to return to our quiet village of Grödig, where the flowers grow full and bright and the mountain protects us when we slumber.

Before I went to bed I called for a LuLu update...her operation went well, the Vet put in two cross pins and she did very well during surgery and in recovery. My parents were told they could pick her up the next afternoon. They would be given medications to administer to LuLu and full instructions for her care as well as have to limit her walking..being in attendance with her at all times so that she does not stress her leg. The Vet said that if they were unable to be with her, she would have to be in carrier. Now I have several beautiful carriers for my LuLu (a red croc one, a nice tan leather one, several others, etc.), but they are for me to carry her places they are small and stylish, but not really large enough for her to hang out my parents stopped at the pet store before they went to the Vets and picked out a nice carrier that she could be comfortable in. When they finally were able to see her they said she could not and would not stop licking their arms....she was sooooooooo happy to see them! Her two front little paws were shaved for the IVs and of course her entire back left leg had been shaved and she has staple stitches. The entire ride home she would not stop licking them! She settled in well and ate a full dinner (of her favorite, chicken - usually she only gets this as a bit of a mix-in with her regular dog food, but this day it was special...full chicken breast all cut up in nice small pieces by her Grandma...she was soooo happy). She was snuggled in safe and sound on my Mother's lap with her little tiny nose tucked into my Mom's inner asleep when I received the good news. Ahhh...I can rest easy.

Tomorrow is SALZKAMMERGUT...the day trip to the Saltmines and to all the beautiful lake regions!!

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