Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm almost ready to go!!!

Well, it is Thursday night and I have all day tomorrow to pack! It is a busy time for me and I keep going over a hundred lists in my head (and let's face it, on paper too - I HAVE to have my sister Wanda and I are "Queens of Lists" - she actually trumps me on this, because she even actually has lists for her lists)!!!

I keep thinking about my little LuLu...I think she knows that we (we-- being my dear husband, Vipin and I...Vipin goes with us every summer...without him I'd never last the summer, or a day really!)..are going to leave her. She keeps jumping up on the piles of clothes I've been making in the spare room which I use as the packing room. I have decided that on this trip I will try and be thinking of her and how I would be dealing with the
situation if she were with me. Austrians and Germans have no problems with long as they are well trained and leashed, owners are welcome to bring their dogs into public buildings..even restaurants, etc. Maybe next summer she'll come with us. She has several very nice bags I could tote her around in too! Yorkies are very popular in Austria (although they don't have clipped tails, in fact it is illegal to clip Yorkshire Terrier's tails over there)...and I see them daily (which makes my separation from her even more difficult). We'll see..... LuLu summers at the lake house while we go to Salzburg a.k.a. stays with my parents at Lenzelhof....not too shabby a summer camp...see photo (and she just adores her Grandma and Grandpa...who of course spoil her rotten!!)

I am also thinking of Anna, Monique and Amanda. My terrific and
trusty team here in the 'home office'! Monique handles the bulk of things while I am gone - taking my cellphone along with her every step of her way. I am the after-hours and weekend dispatch for my airport shuttle and transportation company (Airport Orbit) and therefore MUST have my phone with me at all times for flight delays and emergencies (it is a 24 hour service) when I am in Salzburg, Monique takes over for me. She also has to handle any tenant calls (Vipin and I own several apartments, most rented to Slippery Rock University students). I am grateful for her, and also for her kids - JD and Kaitlyn...they have to deal with all the family interruptions (usually on the weekends) and I know they all 'hate the Sonya phone' every year in July! Anna takes care of all the billing and tedious work - payroll, and such (it's no party, just paperwork)...and Amanda keeps everything else (and Anna and Monique) together. We are a great team and I know when I leave, things get hectic, days are longer and their summer drags on and on. I'm blessed for their care and concern! They certainly make it possible for me to do what I do in Salzburg. I also have a wonderful team of drivers that pitch in and take up slack while I am away....their "my guys" and I couldn't do it without them!

So much is on my mind... the flight over (whatever, I've done it so many times, it's just a transport really, although I guess I am wondering what the movies on the plane will be!)...the car rental, what color will we get this year I wonder? I hope it's not purple again!! The drive from the Munich airport to Salzburg...perhaps not so bad this time, rush hour...but a Sunday (thank goodness)...and our final destination...Grödig-bei-Salzburg!!! My mountain, the Untersberg - can't wait to see it again...and the Hotel Grödig, our fabulous home away from home....we'll get to see Ifty, Inty and Elizabeth...and I can't wait to eat at the Restaurant delicious!!

Alright, I'm over the pre-jitters...I AM READY! Pack tomorrow and we go!!!


Wanda said...

Oh Betty...I KNOW you want to bring Lulu but Lulu would NOT like the trip!!! If you could beam her there or something it would be okay but the car transportation and especially the airplane would be horrible for her! You can borrow Abby if you want!

Wanda said... the way...I'm prety sure it is MY mountain!!! I have half the rocks from it in my apartment! ha ha GREAT picture to use of the office team! It was really one of the best taken at the wedding!

Cyber Fyber said...

Where's my "photo credit" on the LOVELY picture of the ORBIT staff?
Great post!