Sunday, July 13, 2008


I slept like a log last night...I had everything ready, I was ready...IT'S ORIENTATION DAY!!

I was at the school early (Dad would be so proud) and Orientation started on time because this group is a wonderful and a very punctual group (so far...)!! The CSA Orientation is so important because it prepares the participants for what they need to know in order to have a safe and enjoyable time on the program. We of course introduce ourselves, the program (our 45th year!!)
the Faculty and Staff and then go over their Orientation Day Packets (with materials they need like their first week's bus passes, city maps of Salzburg, the bus schedules, various handouts & brochures, etc.) It also gives the instructors time to make comments and address their students. I made it a point to introduce my Dad, Dr. Henry Lenz, and I even passed around some photos of him and my Mother....they started this program 45 years ago!!! I wanted everyone to get to know them, and I know 'the repeaters' all miss him (we all do, including the Grödigers...even the cleaning ladies of the Hauptschule miss him!). Orientation went well. Then we broke to distribute the bikes and planned to meet back at the Neue Heimat Bus Stop (by the hotel) to go into town! The bike distribution went well (a few of the girls wanted to swap bikes 'I want a yellow one' 'This one is prettier'....ahhhh to be 16 again!) but some of the girls needed to swap out from smaller framed bikes to larger framed bikes (no problem....I call Georg). We all met at the bus stop, the bus #25 pulled up (a brand new bus!!! still had that 'new car smell') and were off!

We got off the bus at the Mo
zartsteg stop...I love this part because there is a building covering their view of the fortress at this we had to walk down the street about 50 feet and then cross the street (carefully....there is a pedestrian light) and walk another 50 feet until we reach the Salzach river....and then THE VIEW OF SALZBURG..LIVE AND IN PERSON AND WOW THE FORTRESS IS RIGHT THERE!!!! Then we crossed the same pedestrian foot bridge (along to Stephanie's beautiful singing) that was used in the filming of the Sound of Music, when the kids were singing Do, Ri, Mi and running all around the city in their play clothes made from Maria's room's old curtains (Captain Von Trapp was so proud!!)!!! I love to see the participant's faces!! They were all soooooo into it and soo excited and...well, what can I say? Come and see for yourselves!!!

Then we waited for another pedestrian light, crossed the street and walked up and into the Mozartplatz! WELCOME TO SALZBURG!! We talked a bit (but so hungry....) with the main goal at this point of reaching the Sternbräu restaurant at 1PM for lunch....and we made it on time....after walking down the famous pedestrian Getridegasse (with Mozart's birth house - which we of course stopped to look and learn about before continuing down to lunch). The Sternbräu was wonderful (of course, it's the Sternbräu!) we were able to get seating in the garden because it was becoming a most incredibly beautiful day! We enjoyed our Rice Dumpling Vegetable soup, followed bz Roast Pork with knoodle und sauerkraut (covered with a delicious yet light sauce) and followed by YES...Topfenstrudel...(well, I do get to select the menu and it is one of my very most awesome super fabulous favorites!!) Everyone really enjoyed it! I was glad too, because the day was still young, the Salzburg city tour was about to begin and they would need their strength (and it was becoming really HOT outside). After lunch I led them out of the restaurant and handed them over to Bill and Nancy Schneberger - their tour guides for the remainder of the day. I was sad to leave them, but had to go to to finalize their next adventure....MUNICH!

Reports of the day that evening came in with positive reviews. They love Salzburg (as if I ever had any doubts....everyone loves Salzburg!!!....well, okay, Mozart wasn't actually into it but I think he was just trying to get away from his Father!!). Some of them decided to shop and run around after the tour, others did go to the Augustinerkeller Beer garden (always a good time to be had at this wonderful setting...and the beer hits the spot on such a hot day). Everyone found themselves back home to Grödig with ease....the bus is clean and so easy to use and they paid attention at Orientation!

That evening Vipin and I were fortunate enough to run into Scott and Lory and we were preparing to go for a quick 'Doner Run' (a.k.a. the Doner Kabap better known in the States as a Gyro---delicious street/stand food that you can get 'to go'...sliced lamb on flat bread with white sauce, onions, lettuce, good). So
we headed into town in the rental car, made the Doner purchases (at a little place that actually is a bit bigger, the owners remembered us from last year and were proud to show us the new addition to their place!)...and headed into the city. Fortunately at this time of night finding a parking place beside the river (if you know where to look...and I do, thanks to many years of learning from my Dad's 'good park spots to be had in Salzburg' teachings) is possible, so we parked, got out and enjoyed our Doners by the river with a view of the city at night! (On brand new benches! They have completely renovated theses areas and it is wonderful!)....Then we strolled across the river and through the pedestrian areas to window shop (YEAH!!!) and of course, topped it off with Eis (ice cream cones...but good!) We walked all the Domplatz, Kapitalplatz, etc. nice. Scott and Lory are brother and sister and so much fun...Stephanie is of course my right hand gal pal and Vipin, well, it never hurts to have a strong, warm hand to hold! What a perfect night! But we had to get was late and the bus departure time for Munich the next morning??? 7:30AM!!! Back home to Grödig...

Of course I could not sleep without a full LuLu report.....she was taken to the Pittsburgh Vet and had to spend the night there all alone (well, I am sure the accommodations were adequate, but I cringe to think of her in a cage...and really can only get through it by knowing she was in the best of care and heavily sedated). Surgery would be in the morning, she'll get either two cross pins or a plate put in depending on the location of the break. I had peace in the knowledge that for the next 24 hours my parents would get some rest (they sounded exhausted and I knew that they were).

Good night.....kisses to LuLu!

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Wanda said...

This blog is SO GREAT for the friends and family eagerly waiting to hear the news. And I know the kids have so little time in salzburg that their "news sharing" is sometimes not the best. And it will be so great for the kids themselves, when they get home, to re-read it!!