Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas was nice and actually quite relaxing (rather unusual for such a day, but I can say this year it wasn't too much running around for me and didn't require much preparation work - which was welcomed and pleasing). We had a brunch at our house....French Toast with peaches and syrup, ham, hash browned potatos, eggs, orange-pineapple juice, espresso, etc. Delish! I received some very nice gifts....and thank you to everyone who spoiled me rotten!! hehe Our life is good.

Because Christmas is also Vipin's birthday, we received many calls from across the globe and it was a special treat to hear from so many of our dear friends and relatives!! We received calls from India, Austria, Germany, France, Australia, and from all the time zones in the U.S.A.! Pretty cool! LuLu, of course enjoyed napping the day away on her Grandma's lap! Our dog's life is good too!

Well, it's back to work (boo hoo) and today was no picnic in the park! Monique had the day off and there were lots of shuttles to book and many calls coming in
....mostly students thinking about arranging their trips back to school next month...they hate to think about it, but classes will resume in January! We service 6 counties with our Airport Transportation business and there are quite a few colleges in these counties....Slippery Rock University, Grove City College, Westminster College, Thiel College, Allegheny College, Butler County Community it's "Book Your Reservation Now" time!!! I'm fine with it...I prefer they book now rather than wait until the last minute...reservations are based on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is definately to their advantage to book now!

I did laundry and cleaned the entire house yesterday in a BIG a
"I'm having guests over" way...the full treatment (the Windex and Pledge people are pleased, I'm sure)...because Peanut and Russell are coming to visit!!! They arrive tomorrow and we will drive to Niagara Falls to bring in the New Year! We have reservations at the Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel & Spa - and have rooms with views!! I can't wait. Peanut has never been there so it will be fun to experience it with her as she sees the beautiful and amazing falls for the first time! Because it will be New Year's Eve there will be an outdoor band (yes...OUTDOOR band - in the winter-time....should be interesting!) and fireworks over the falls! That I have never I am quite excited about it! Details later....and I'll also write more about PEANUT!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I sure hope the four of you had a GREAT time!! I can't imagine how beautiful fireworks over the falls were. I'm so glad you guys had the chance to hang together. Did 'Peanut' sing for Mom? I can't sign in with my own blog name because I can't for the life of me figure out where the 'at' key is on this keyboard!!