Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'm so swamped! The New Year has taken me by storm...I have so much to write about, but since I promised Vipin I'd be home by seven, you'll have to settle for just these interesting photos. What are they all about? Well, last month my niece Nicole asked me to drive her to the movie theater (she already had a ride home) was VERY IMPORTANT, because she was meeting two girlfriends...and TWO BOYFRIENDS (well, two boys, that are friends...but this is major...I know...I remember 7th grade!!!) so of course I helped her out being the very understanding Aunt that I am...and well, let's face it, Nicole has me wrapped around her little finger!!!

So, we left a bit early because I needed to run into Staples (ok, I never really do a real "run in"...I totally love office supplies and yes, we did go up and down every aisle)....well, as it turned out we did have some extra time to worries, we knew we'd do it at the pet store (a regular stop when we are in that part of Butler)! There we stopped visited the adorable hamsters and bunnies...the not so adorable and rather gross lizards and the totally disgusting spiders (we have to look and then run away)!! We also checked out the tiny doggie sweaters (you never know LuLu might have 'needed' something!) Then we went to the fish area...and what did we see swimming around but fish with HEARTS and the word LOVE on them! in on their bodies! I had no idea this was even done! I wouldn't believe it now, but I have the photos to prove it (you know, that's another reason why camera phones are so necessary!!)....check it out! Yes, it is true!! These are REAL photos of REAL fish that REALLY have ink stained sides!!! (My fish loving friend Rachel is probably in tears!)

According to the shop owner, they can not request sayings to be put on the fish... they can't even request the fish, "We always ask for them from our suppliers, but we don't always get them in every week....I already have three fish on order, already bought and paid for when we get them!" Pretty wild..and well, somewhat (if not VERY) abusive!!! But interesting!!! Enjoy!!


Wanda said...

ok....I have questions. How is this possible? Do they actually use like a magic marker or something? Why is it abusive..does it hurt or poison them? Wouldn't it be like dying little chicks blue or green for Easter? Does the ink or whatever it is eventually go away? Or is it more like a tattoo?? I need more info...please tell my you completely interrogated the store guy and got ALL the info.


Wanda...I just KNEW you would have questions...and I am not the authority...but of course basically asked the store lady the same things you are curious about (of COURSE!!) they (the suppliers) evidently do it by a sort of tattoo method but they don't inject the ink exactly...they take the fish out of water, dry it off a bit and sort of 'write' it on them and then keep them out of water until it dries and sinks in I guess...therefore it will not last and will eventually wear off. I think it would abusive to put the fish through the process of having to be dried off and written on...but of course I have no idea how long their memories are or it it is actually painful!!! Maybe they forget about it as soon as they are put back in the water??? I also don't know how the other fish react to seeing such designs on their fellow tank friends? Are they now COOLER than the others with their designer bodies or do the others think they are FREAKS??!?! And, well...I don't think we'll ever know!! LOL If this has not come to Germany, perhaps you need to let them know about it...I'm sure the heart ones will be all the rage for Valentine's Day!!!

Wanda said...

Responding to comments on blogs can be done either way. does not update on the stream when someone writes a comment so you would have to let the person know, like you did me, that you answered on the blog. It is a good way to let others know too. Good idea with this fish thing because I"m so sure that all the lurkers were asking the same questions. I think a clown fish memory is 3 seconds so I don't think they would remember that they were taken out of water. Kind of like the fish in the lake...they've been caught so many times...if they remembered, why would they bite the hook again? You are right...I doubt we will ever know what the other fish think. I would LIKE to think that the inked fish are the cool ones but I have a feeling that they are considered freaks!!