Tuesday, December 2, 2008


November 29th was my parent's 50th wedding anniversary!

They came over to our house for dinner and first we had to have a champagne toast!

Congratulations....still fighting after all these years!! hehe

Before dinner we wanted to give them the present that we (Sister Susan & Bro-in-law Steve, Sister Wanda & Bro-in-law Reinhard and Vipin and I) got them. It's not so easy getting two people who have traveled the world and live in their dream house a present. But thankfully Vipin thought of and found what I think may have been the most perfect present for them...something they didn't already have....a beautiful copper weather vane...one with a heron (my Mom just loves her real Blue Heron that lives on their lake)!! Vipin had it set up and covered with a sheet so they could 'unwrap' it!

They love it! We'll have to wait until Spring to get it up on their roof (Waldi already said he would come and do it...yeah Waldi!!) and I think it is going to be so beautiful. They are so excited!

After the unveiling, we went into the dining room for dinner....

and they told Vipin and I about their wedding day.... a day, back in 1958 when there was a massive snow storm in Columbus. The day began with fine weather, but then, in the late morning it began to snow...and snow and snow. Soon after Mom was in a total panic because Dad (along with his parents) were on their way via car and still not there and it was minutes before the ceremony (gee..why didn't he just text her on his cell??). Aunt Gloria tried to calm her down (while looking out the window in horror at the amount of accumulation!). The ceremony was to begin at 6:05PM. Dad said the roads were totally covered and all he could make out were the telephone poles on either side of the road, so he stayed in the middle of them, kept driving and hoped no other cars would come. They made it, of course, with no time to spare (Grandma and Grandpa Lenz had bought new clothes to wear but didn't have time to change into them)....after the wedding, there was a reception at Grandma and Grandpa Baker's house (Mom's parents) and it kept snowing and snowing....everyone ended up staying over (Grandma & Grandpa Lenz stayed in the Baker's bedroom room...took the mattress off the box spring, and Uncle Andy - with his two young girls-cousins Monica and Maryann- slept on the box spring while they stayed on the mattress.....Aunt Gloria stayed in spare room.......Uncle Larry stayed on the couch =which was 2 feet shorter than his 6'4" body would have liked--because they weren't married yet=....Grandma & Grandpa stayed in the basement somewhere)....but there was no place for Mom and Dad...so they had to leave!! Out in the storm!! Can you believe it?!?! As it turned out...after about 30 minutes in the storm they drove right out of it (not a flake on the ground!)...and continued on........ what an adventure..what a nice story...I really enjoyed listening to them reminisce about it (so sweet). Fifty years! What a milestone! Congratulations!


Wanda said...

Oh Sonya...the weathervane is AWESOME!!! I really really like it and Thanks Vipin...for the idea and finding it and everything! Also..thank you as well for posting the wedding story. I have probably heard it several times but didn't quite remember it that well. I knew there was snow.

Anonymous said...

You didn't tell about us almost spending the rest of our lives in Canada because your Dad din't have his naturalization papers with him. What talking we did to get back! All the time I was wearing my little blue hat with the blue feather and blue gloves. How proper we were back then.