Friday, January 16, 2009


I realize, of course that it is January, but I was so proud of how well Monique and Anna decorated the office this year that I wanted to post a few photos of how it looked....

Here's a view of Monique's desk...the snowman on the right actually can play a song whenever someone walks by it but of course after 5 minutes it was driving us all crazy, so she turned the music feature off!

Here is a look into the main office room from inside my office.

Here is a look into my office (through the the distance).

This is our mailing and credit card processing station/area..and our cute mini Christmas tree in the corner.

We hung all our holiday cards on ribbon and put them across the dressed things up beautifully, and we received so many wonderful cards this year that we had to add a second ribbon!

The office was so cozy and Christmas-y....I kind of miss it!

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Wanda said...

Such a great job of decorating!!! Yes, when the christmas decorations come down, some how things look sad and bare. Everything sure looked wonderful though!