Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Could this be my new office assistant??

Yes...this is a little baby HEDGEHOG on an apple!

So, a new craze is to have a hedgehog as a pet! I wouldn't have thought of it, they are more to me like a wild garden animal (something you see digging around under bushes)...they very popular in Austria as little knick-knack statues and to be seen depicted on aprons and on kitchen things...considered good-luck! But hedgehogs as pets?!?! Well, of course... just go to Hedgies.com and you can learn all about them...where to get them, how to raise them, what to feed them, how to care for them...everything!!! Now...why would someone want a hedgehog as a pet? Just look how adorable they are!

Okay, please understand that as much as I do want one, I will NOT be getting one....LuLu would NOT feel good about it at all...she would NOT share the love!!

THIS ONE IS TOO ADORABLE...look at that little tongue!!!


HERE IS AN ALBINO ONE...so pretty!

Have a great day!

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Wanda said...

OK...I understand. Totally. But you are right...Lulu would NOT feel very good about them. They are, though, absolutely adorable. But what do they look like when they grow up? Yes...also adorable but big. And I disagree with the Albino one...I think it is really ugly. It's those red, beedy eyes. But the others are THE BEST. I'm just trying to catch up on all the blogs I follow...yours being the first. I'll be reading them as I find time! I love you!