Monday, August 11, 2008


Grüß Gott! It feels like it was just last week that I was living at the foot of the Untersberg mountain in Grödig...with my fabulous group! I want to go back right now.. oh,well... there's always next year - I would love to have everyone join me again (and again, and again…)! But's back to the office, home again, back at the good ole ROCK...back to my LuLu (in full recovery...walking now without a limp and going for her final x-ray at the end of the month)! I know that many of my dear participants from this summer's program are undergoing great changes in their lives this fall - changing schools, beginning college, starting new jobs, getting married - and I wish them the very best in every endeavor. I also hope that whatever they do, they will have fond memories of Austria and all their new friends & families!!

I say thanks a bunch to those who have sent lovely photographs, cards, e-mails and letters.... I love hearing from you (and can use many of your super photos in our website—being updated soon—keep them coming!!!). Best wishes for a successful year!

The planning of CSA's 2009 European Summer Study Program in Salzburg, Austria is, of course, already under way. We also have a delightful range of tours planned for 2009 including another ‘A SLICE OF EUROPE TOUR(featuring the first half of the European Summer Study Program and including Venice - July); and another ‘ALPINE OKTOBERFEST’ TOUR (one of our favorites) in late September...and of course also in the works is our 2010 A SLICE OF HEAVEN TOUR - FEATURING THE OBERAMMERGAU PASSION PLAY. If you would like brochures, please contact us (

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Linda of the Lake said...

We're so glad you are home again and your little Lulu is well. Let me know what the Dr. says.